Lunch at Nu

The lunch I had in Nu by False Creek yesterday was fabulous! omg it's soooooo tasty.  First I had a spring pea risotto, it's so good that i don't even mind the cheese in it. It was the first time that I have a risotto. Then I had this Chicken Ballotine. The sauce and the chicken and the cranbarries so blend together so well! I never tasted such a tasty chicken. Even the bread was extrodinary. Too bad they didn't have the chocolate tower I wanted for dessert. The view was fantastic, with a little breeze and sunlight I could sit there all day and even have a nice little nap. This fine dining experience certinly is great. Well the price's 'extrodinary' too, I guess it's worth it if you can afford it. If this restaurant in Van serve such tasty food, I wonder how fantastic the food is served in Hell's Kitchen, in the later episodes of course.

The new track of Lacrimosa is wonderful even it's live!


Just leave the fuck of me alone.

May 22nd 2007

She's beautiful!  "Little Giant Doll"


"WHO KILLED ME" pencil on 28cm x 36cm paper

Inspired by the road accident at No.3 road, the movie "Better than Chocolate", and the song "Sleepwalking" by Blindside

My classmate was a witness of this tragedy, he broke into tears in class when he read from the newspaper saying that the lady did not survive...
It must be hard seeing a person die and you can do nothing but stare
I tried to make this piece as powerful, envoking and influential as I can.

Took me erm...let's see...5 months?! yeah 5 months to put every idea together......holy crap


And I have to finish 'Lord of the Flies' soon. To my surprise, it's rather interesting. The author and I seems to share same thoughts for humankind.
And I have to write freaking poems when I don't have the freaking time. I have to make the poems sound perfect.

March 16th 2007


DSCN0646 copy4
Box Art , "Hall of Obessesion", 22cm x 33cm x 13cm, mixed media: acrylic paint on cardboard box, pop cans roses, fabric paint on fabric for portrait and decorations below ceiling
March 12th 2007      93/100
I had been thinking about the theme for more than 2 weeks. Not a single idea seems to satisfy me until I saw the inspiration went boom! Only something considered "crazy" comforts me after all, lol.
I was so scared when everyone knew what they're doing excpet for me.

我唔明點解禁多人都get唔到個theme係咩,有咩可能會係heartbreak或者係being cheated on?
如果係既話,個人頭同後面d相都唔make sense啦,因為d相有d係個女仔既獨照,有d係佢同唔同既男人影既相,
如果係heartbreak或者係being cheated on,相中既男人就唔會係唔同既人啦

marker drawings on the sides of the box

DSCN0586 copy2
Banana collage, 45cm x 70cm, mixed media: acrylic paint, water colour, pastels
Feburary 2nd 2007       89/100
I hate doing the banana collage, it's just something I can not do well in just a few classes of time. But then it's my first piece of work that got framed! lol it feels so good.  By the way, I pulled this piece off out of luck, like I didn't have a clue what I was gonna do when I was drawing the bananas. Thank god my inspiration hit me just in time.

And this hand design I did while I was in Grad planning while she’s showing the movie ‘Pleasantville’,
finished it in 1 hr
by the way, it's my hand
Dec. 24 2006              19/20

我最鍾意既Art堂完全比Noble ruin 曬, 真係令我好掛住以前F.3既Ms Lee

校長個句"please do not vandalize the school, we have no money to repair it"先至最掂

I was totally like
my god

出年好可能會辛苦死我,不過我有得一齊take 2D art 同history!

唯一一個收穫就係佢竟然有Lacrimosa既一隻single(個到得兩隻碟禁大把),隻single仲要係Lacrimosa唯一一隻彩色既碟,竟然比我親眼見到!!   (其實都冇咩大不了)


我係skytain station見到有個人個emo頭好靚!



我知有d野好似冇咩可能做到, 但係我零願用盡我既精力都唔係到坐以待斃




Dec 4th 2006

Let me  update this journal...
y only C's in Art Foundation! I can't believe this! This is like...a HUMILIATION to me! Like it's nearly only a pass!
WTF, I only wanna do art that appeals to me. I like bunnines cracking instead of being all nice and smooth and "cute", I like it when it's like bursting out when it glows in the dark. I just hate bunnies and paper mache.
I don't do sketches in her way, so I get a 7/10?! Compared to others in my school, I should have gotten a 12/10!
I'm beginning to hate this course. Not only that I can't even learn one single drawing or painting technique, it's dragging my grades and making me furious to a point that I do not act like myself.
And when I drew shit sketches and that poster for SS using watercolors, I got compliments and even full marks for the poster. Don't you know that compliments hurt more than a slap hard on the face?? Stop it!
Everyone kept on demoralizing me on making the costumes.Do you want me to do it or not?! If you kept on saying that, I QUIT! I will do it. I proved it's possible in summer.

我幾乎每日都hou住art gallery 扔垃圾既地方有冇canvas, 搞到我好似垃圾婆錦......sigh* too bad I don't have money to buy them. And how come I didn't know where to buy body paint in HK until somebody told me here in Vancouver recently?!
I'm thinking that whether I should give up taking visual arts in university...

This is how i would look like in the movie "Mirror Mask", let's see what she's gonna give for this
The edited one:


(no subject)

Pencil on A4 size paper

In the distant, I see your delicate profile
Your widened eyes scuplted in your vulnerable face, as still as a corpse
Yet, your loveliness is indelible
Take my hand, forgotten in the Promised Land
We will grow roses
of red and blue,
of black and white
I divide my joy, and you share your woes
Be my muse, be my sin
see me down at your feet, imploring you
for you will not hate, you will not leave


I spent at least 80 hours on this! Just too much......I've been working on it since I got off the plane
It was suppose to be a draft, but then, it just happened on this piece of paper

I saw a dummy at school today!

I stroked the dummy in the art room today! It's that room which nearly nobody uses it. 
I was totally dumbfounded by the discovery of her(though it was only a normal dummy). 
When you're in your favourite lesson with a teacher that pisses you off, it makes you gleeful over the sight of something you're obsessed with. 
See, it makes me so happy that I have to type it here, how silly. 
The bony arms, the small waist, the perfectly shaped breasts, the smoothe thighs...
Unluckily, I didn't think before I act. Someone saw me...... 


oh well


"All dressed up today,eh?"
Yea, like I have photos taken every day